Poll: What do you Photograph Most Often?

Title image for Beyond PhotoTips - Reader Poll
Photo: Mystereys

Yes, its been a month since the last poll, where you answered the question “How often do you take photographs?” The response was better than I’d hoped! Unfortunately, a tonne of work and a short holiday in the hills have kept me from following it up…

This time we ask you, What do you photograph most often?

Is it your family? Or is it something else? Do you use photography as part of a different passion such as documenting your unique collection of moths?

Do you have a unique area of interest in photography itself? If so, do add it to the poll, we’d love to know what you do with your camera. Drop in a link to some of the photographs that are dearest to you in the comments (No spam, please – I’ll make sure the links are relevant and appropriate). You could also give us some reasons why your attention is drawn to a particular kind of photography!



EDIT: Shikha Pointed out that I’d left out some important categories. I’ve added them in. Do take another peek.