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Yes, its been a month since the last poll, where you answered the question “How often do you take photographs?” The response was better than I’d hoped! Unfortunately, a tonne of work and a short holiday in the hills have kept me from following it up…

This time we ask you, What do you photograph most often?

Is it your family? Or is it something else? Do you use photography as part of a different passion such as documenting your unique collection of moths?

Do you have a unique area of interest in photography itself? If so, do add it to the poll, we’d love to know what you do with your camera. Drop in a link to some of the photographs that are dearest to you in the comments (No spam, please – I’ll make sure the links are relevant and appropriate). You could also give us some reasons why your attention is drawn to a particular kind of photography!



EDIT: Shikha Pointed out that I’d left out some important categories. I’ve added them in. Do take another peek.

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  1. I said Urban Life, but I really don’t know. I was asked again this weekend this same question and I did not know what to say. I’m trying to get my viewers to tell me, but they haven’t been very helpful! 🙂

  2. Laurie,

    You have some wonderful pictures in your photoblog… also, nice to have you stop by. Yes, sometimes its difficult to pin your photography on just one category.

    This exercise, in my opinion, is one that will hopefully lead to some photographers discovering what they love to photograph… A ‘realisation’ of sorts…

    As for me, I don’t really know for sure myself. I haven’t voted yet… Still trying to bring it down to one item! 😉

  3. Architecture was my answer. I dont really click people on camera even though I find the idea fascinating. I usually end up clicking angles of buildings more! – atleast when I travel, I find myself obsessed with roofs, special motifs on walls, or striking structures :). I also like clicking flowers, although in that I must be on the lowest rung of flower photographers.

  4. Shikha,

    Welcome to Beyond Phototips! Architecture is always fascinating; I think primarily because it says so much about the people who use it, while keeping them anonymous…

    I think my answer will eventually be architecture, but I’m going to take a while to evaluate that…

    This is mainly because my work finds me doing a lot of interior and architecture photography (I think I’m pretty decent at it too…). These days, I’m really trying to take a lot more people photos because I think that its my weakness. I do love to take photographs of urban life: something that I like to call the Urban Landscape, but which I don’t get the time to photograph.

  5. Urban Landscape sounds interesting!! 🙂

    Can you add one more option – “Me”. We have a common friend who could vote in that category ;-).

    And yes, I too am pray to the same internal pull that causes me to put the camera on timer and photograph myself. Narcissistic obsessions I suppose *chuckle*.

    And oh, where would nature fit in? and wildlife?
    We have a photography competition in office – and wildlife is one of the categories, apart from landscapes and portraits.

    I am also prone to clicking food. And ardently admiring pictures of food in magazines/on the net. However, when I click food, it is usually only for the result of my *painstaking* experiments in the kitchen. Also because it is such a rarity ;-).

  6. Shikha,

    Big oversights on my part. Just because I don’t photograph in those categories does not mean that nobody does! Will add them pronto. Voters are also welcome to add a category themselves… So please do…

  7. I shoot people. I got to looking at my sets on Flickr, and my largest set of all is “People”. Sometimes they’re portraits, sometimes candids, sometimes just background props. As I do more street photography, I’m finding that people are a key ingredient to an interesting scene.

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