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Basic Photography Techniques, Theory, Skills or other information that is essential to beginner photographers.

How Can I Get Better At Photography?

How Can I Get Better at Photography?

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional photographer, there are always concrete steps that you can take to improve the quality of your photos. Most people seek the quick fix of buying better equipment. While there is truth in that: basic equipment could hold you back from learning new photography techniques, I think that it is a short-term remedy to mask a lack of photography skills. On the other hand, it could also end up showcasing a lack of photography skills. So, developing your skillset would seem like a good first step in photography.

So, in this article, we’re going to try to get you started on a path to develop your photography skillset, and a method of learning that will see you through bad times, and on to good ones.

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Symmetry in Photography: A Guide to Using it

How To Use Symmetry In Photography

Symmetry, when used in photography is a powerful graphical and compositional tool. Symmetry allows photographers to create extremely strong compositions that draw the attention of a viewer using simple principles. Symmetry simplifies an image, giving it a sense of balance and harmony. It’s an important tool to have in your skillset as a photographer, so let’s explore symmetry as it relates to photographic composition, and learn how we can use it effectively in our photographs.

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Selecting Photographs: What Not to Show

You’re an aspiring photographer or amateur photographer and want to show the world, or maybe just your relatives what you can do with a camera and some good ol’ light. But where’s that brilliant photograph in which you’ve managed to time the shot just perfectly? Lost in the quagmire of shots that didn’t make the cut? Here’s one small tip with an illustration to help you out.

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Low Light Photography and Digital Noise

You’ve all had digital pictures with ‘noise’ in them… do you want to know why? Low light photography, it’s a tricky beast, right? You’re out there, trying to capture the stars or maybe a dimly lit room, and bam! Grainy, speckled images. It’s like the camera’s playing tricks on you. But what’s really going on? Well, it’s not magic, and it’s not your fault either. It’s all about the photons, the ISO, the shutter speed, and a bunch of other techy stuff. Don’t worry, I won’t get too jargony on you (not yet, anyway!). So grab your camera, and let’s dive into the world of low light photography and digital noise. Trust me, it’s brighter than it sounds, LOL!

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