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Basic Photography Techniques, Theory, Skills or other information that is essential to beginner photographers.

Zoom out in your mind

Zoom Out in Your Mind

Have you ever noticed the way in which you seem to be able to focus on just one object of a scene (say a spoon on a table or a shop’s signboard on a street) when in fact your eyes are covering an entire scene? No? Make a mental note of the way you look at things the next time you walk down a busy street or drive down a busy road.

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Do You Need More Megapixels? Megapixel Myth

Since the advent of digital photography, photographers have wanted more detail, and to many, this translates to ‘more megapixels’. But does more pixels being packed into sensors (that are not getting larger) mean more quality? In fact, today, there is a rush for up to 200 megapixels to be packed onto tiny cellphone cameras. So what does this really mean? Do more megapixels actually mean better-quality images? Let’s go over some facts and see whether this is the case, or not.

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12 Ways to Better Photography

12 Ways To Take A Better Picture

Three years in the Advertising business, and 16 in photography, have convinced me that ideas are really powerful and that a photograph that has a strong idea is the most powerful tool to convey a message.

A strong idea is always brought out in a simple, clear picture that has a strong subject and minimal interference from unnecessary elements. The challenge is to do this in an easily repeatable manner so that you are able to consistently produce images that are at a level that surpass the average.

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Sorry about the bad WWE joke! We’re talking about digital photography today, and the ‘RAW’ we are talking about is the RAW image format! The New World of… Read More »RAW IS RAW