Tiny Tips

Tiny tips are where you get a small dose of photography theory and suggestions. There will be more added regularly, so please do come back!

Tiny Tips 1: Drawing with Light
Tiny Tips 2: Light Study
Tiny Tips 3: Study Reflected Light
Tiny Tips 4: Study Highlights!
Tiny Tips 5: Study light from different angles
Tiny Tips 6: Study your Main Light Source
Tiny Tips 7: Study flare caused by the Angle of your Main Light Source
Tiny Tips 8: Best Apertures for Sharpness
Tiny Tips 9: On Composition
Tiny Tips 10: Study and Use Backlighting for Close-up/Macro Photography
Tiny Tips 11: To the New Enthusiast
Tiny Tips 12: To the New Enthusiast – Know What You Like to Shoot
Tiny Tips 13: To the Aspiring Professional – Know Where Your Money Lies!
Tiny Tips 14: Hold your Camera Right
Tiny Tips 15: Hyperfocal Distance in Street Photography
Tiny Tips 16: Always Use a UV Filter

Published: November 27, 2007 | Last Updated: October 27, 2008

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