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Develop Your Skills, With Photography Projects

Photography Projects. Photo of a trumpet on a blue background

You have, no doubt, been told numerous times that “Great photography is more about the photographer than the equipment” and that “The equipment is just the tool”.

So, how does one actually develop the different aspects of a well-rounded and honed photographic vision? One of the best ways is by setting challenges that will push your skills to their limits and by taking enough photographs that you know what not to do, just as much as knowing what to do to get exceptional results. Then, get feedback from experienced photographers, and take action to improve your photography.

Participate in Our Photo Projects

With the “Photo Project” series of posts, we aim to give you missions… Tasks that will stretch your abilities, and that will result in series of photographs that improve your photography and your aesthetic skills. By accepting challenges that don’t come from yourself, you are forced to think differently… Much as you would if a client were to give you a commercial project.

In the process of completing these challenges, we hope that you will learn to better analyze your images with a more objective eye and to improve your skill at seeing an end image even before you photograph it with your camera.

Join us, accept the challenge, and share your work!

It doesn’t matter whether you use a phone or a high-end camera. Just get started.

Challenge Yourself – Improve Your Skills!

We don’t grow until we challenge ourselves… Flexing and training your photographic muscles builds the skills that you need, to create photographs with different approaches in mind. So, hone your skills with these photography projects, and you may end up surprising yourself when you see the results that you produce.

With the Photo Projects series, we’re hoping to help you take more photographs – in different styles, for different purposes, so that you’re well-practiced when it’s crunch time. We have noticed that challenges set by

The Photo Project Series:

Over time, we will expand this list.

Share Your Work With Us For Feedback!

Once you’ve challenged yourself with one of the projects above, share your creations with other readers. Tag us on Instagram, and use the hashtag #BPTprojects. Invite others from the community to give you feedback on your images, but remember that all creative feedback is not equal. Learning how to take feedback is also a crucial part of developing your creative eye.

Want More Photo Challenges?

Or do you want to share your own favorite challenges with the BPT community? Leave a comment below with an explanation of your challenge, and we’ll add it to the list.

Keep checking back at this page or subscribe to our RSS feed, and you’ll be updated as we keep adding the projects. Also feel free to leave us a comment with your favorite topic for a photo project, or one that you would like to see us run for you.

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Published: April 23, 2007 | Last Updated: October 28, 2022

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