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Can Adobe Tools be Replaced?

Can Photoshop & Lightroom be Replaced in Your Photography Workflow

Yes, Photoshop and Lightroom can be replaced in your digital photography workflow. There have always been some alternatives to these favourites, but there are usually compromises, and I don’t like that. When I started using Affinity Photo and Capture One Pro as alternatives that are full-featured, professional-grade, I found out that in some instances, they’re even easier to use. So, I’ve experimented by replacing them in my professional workflow to test the limits of how much they can be pushed. Of course, my requirements are likely to be different for yours, so look out for those differences.

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How NASA Astronauts Captured Photographs in Space

How NASA Astronauts Capture Photographs in Space

Scott Manley’s YouTube channel has been a source of fascination for me ever since I discovered the rocket-simulation game ‘Kerbal Space Program‘. However, it has grown far beyond that to topics that are related to space, and space hardware. One of his recent videos is about the camera equipment that astronauts have taken aboard spacecraft to capture images in space, and it’s packed with information.

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How to Set Up Photoshop and Lightroom to Work Well With Your SSDs

Optimal Photoshop & Lightroom Setup for SSDs

Photoshop uses a lot of RAM. It will take as much as you can throw its way, and then some more. As a way to use ‘more’ RAM than a computer had available physically, the developers took to creating scratch disks on your Hard Disk Drive (HDD), as an extension of the data that Photoshop held in RAM. But hard drives are slow, so instead, we choose to set up our scratch disk and caches to use fast SSDs. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Best SSD Setups for Imaging workstations

SSD For Photography: Image Editing Hardware Setup Guide

Using an SSD for photography is a given in today’s world. SSDs will help you to be efficient in ANY photo editor. However, this is especially important for RAW image workflows in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic, and Adobe Photoshop CC where the files being processed are larger in size.

If you’ve only been using Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) until now, it’s time to upgrade and make the switch. Switching to SSDs will speed up your image processing workflow. Here’s how you can switch over to using SSDs the right way.

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19 Radical Skateboard Photography Tips

Skateboard photography can be quite interesting and exciting for a photographer. You’ll find skaters in most cities and towns … either in skate parks or out on the streets. So pull out your camera, and get ready to try out the collection of skateboard photography tips that you will find below. They come with some great example photos too.

The tips aren’t massively in-depth because the intent isn’t to lecture about these things. Instead, take what you can from them, build on them with your own knowledge, and study the photos for inspiration. You’ll also notice that many of these tips can be applied to other types of photography, so keep an open mind while reading.

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Kung Fu For Your Photography

Kung-Fu For Your Photography

Kung Fu is the martial art weapon of the masses. Its inception took ‘force’ out of the exclusive domain of the rulers and empowered the common man. The basic ideas are simple but powerful. You can use these lessons to master photography today!

With amateurs putting their work alongside professional photographers on the internet, the line between master and student is starting to blur. Master your skills today, and you will always be a photography hero!

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The Best Lenses for Architecture

The Best Lenses for Architectural Photography

Photographing Architecture calls for photographers to use Tilt-Shift lenses much of the time, especially for tricky photos. Tilt-Shift lenses (also called TS or PC lenses) correct perspective distortion. This means that they correct the vertical lines of a building so that they actually look vertical, and not slanting towards each other, as happens with a regular lens. In the past, architectural photography may have called for a ‘technical camera’ or a ‘bellows’ attachment, but tilt-shift lenses are easier to use in the field allowing for easier photography.

Sometimes, photographers may use an extremely wide-angle lens, or a special-effect lens to photograph architecture, but these instances are extremely rare because most architectural firms want to see their work the way that it was envisioned. These other, special lenses are mentioned at the end of the article, but their usage is rare.

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The Lens Buyer's Guide to the Best Camera Lenses

The Camera Lens Buying Guide

You want to buy the best camera lens for your camera, but where to start? There are so many different types of lenses, manufacturers, and usages that it’s very easy to get confused. This article is a starting point from which you can get detailed guidance about how to select a camera lens based on how you intend to use it. Take a look at the overall guidance we provide so that you start asking the right questions, then click on the guide that you need in the list to find and buy the exact lens that suits your camera and your needs.

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Photography Projects. Photo of a trumpet on a blue background

Develop Your Skills, With Photography Projects

We develop intagible skills by doing things… Practical projects teach us in a way that theory can not. While both go hand-in-hand to develop a well-rounded understanding of a craft, often the practical aspect is left out when discussing photography skill development online.

With this series of projects in photography, we hope that we will be able to grow your imagination, excite your imagination and help you to see differently. We hope that you create amazing images as you explore the possibilities that these projects offer, and come back to share your amazing creations with us.

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