About Beyond Phototips

Last Updated on September 15, 2020 by Susheel Chandradhas

Beyond Phototips is a photography resource for photography enthusiasts who want to learn photography and improve their photography skills.

You’ll come across ideas to improve your photography, tips and tricks to give your photographs a bit of spice, photography theory that you thought you’d never want to learn, camera hardware reviews, and some photoshop stuff too for good measure… You’ll also find some very interesting byte sized tips in the Tiny Tips segment.

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Susheel Chandradhas

Susheel is a Photographer and Filmmaker. He runs ColoursAlive – a digital imaging services agency.

Ever since he got his hands on a camera at age 7, he’s been taking photographs and loving it. He’s passionate about photography, making videos, and Parkour. Get in touch with him on twitter and flickr.

John Sudhakar

John is a professional photographer. He focuses on the byte sized tips we love to call “Tiny Tips“. These days he’s more involved in building motorcycles at The Bullet Factory.

Why Do We Write?

Our intent in creating this site is to share what we’ve learnt about photography over the years, and what we continue to learn today. We also want it to be a forum for interaction with other photographers; for amateurs and professionals, for the serious photographers and the casual ones.