Learn How to use Photoshop

Last Updated on December 15, 2020 by Susheel Chandradhas

I’ve often heard people look at a photograph exclaim, “Oh, that’s photoshop!” when what they really meant was “Oh, that’s retouched!” making the name “Photoshop” synonymous with “digital retouching”. Now, Photoshop is by no means easy to learn and the newbie can be quite intimidated by it, so having someone teach you how to use it is a great help.

Photowalkthrough.com is a great way to learn how all this retouching is done. Hosted by John Arnold, Photowalkthrough is a video Podcast that shows you how you can process your digital images in Photoshop and other programs. John explains how to use photoshop’s tools and explains various techniques in an un-hurried, in-depth fashion. Each photograph is typically worked on over the course of 3-4 shows and you can watch as each decision that John takes leads to the final processed image. I vote a big thumbs up for this podcast!

If you ‘re interested in subscribing, head on over to www.photowalkthrough.com or go to the iTunes store and search for the podcast through iTunes.

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