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The Lens Buyer’s Complete Guide

The Lens Buyer's Guide to the Best Camera Lenses

If you’re a new photographer, you may be looking for a lens buying guide to help you on your journey. These Beyond Photo Tips guides will help you pick out the exact lens that you need to get the job done when it comes to a specific type of photography.

The Right Tool For The Job

There’s nothing better than having the right tool for the right job, and that’s what these articles help you find – the right tool.

Beyond Photo Tips has a library of lens buying guides for you. In addition to explaining which lenses are the best, we also go into why they’re the best.

The links to all those Lens Selection Guides are listed below.

Lens Selection Guides:

These guides are not just lists of lenses. They’re actual guides that tell you what you would need to look for in a lens for a particular style of photography. 

How To Use the Guides

The best way to use the guides…

  1. Figure out the type of photography that you want to explore.
  2. Read the appropriate article from the list above to find out which lenses you should be exploring. 
  3. Try out the lenses before you use them. You could borrow one from a friend, or rent one from a lens rental. 
  4. If you’re satisfied that our suggestion – and your pick – is the right lens, then go out and buy the lens yourself.
  5. If not, then try another suggested lens, to find out which one suits your style of photography. 
  6. Repeat until satisfied.
  7. Enjoy taking photographs with some really sweet lenses. :D

Why Are There So Many Guides?

The guides are divided up based on various photography disciplines. They address the needs of those disciplines in particular.

Most lenses perform well for multiple uses across photography disciplines. But sometimes certain lenses will far exceed others for a particular job, and that’s why we have these articles categorising the lenses as such.

Photographers will often use every type of lens that they can lay their hands on. This is because they’re always trying to create an image that looks different …  a different style of image, and this is just as important… To explore the various possibilities that your equipment may offer.

In turn, this means that these guides can never be entirely comprehensive for every photographer. It remains up to you … the photographer; to experiment and learn which lenses suit your style of photography, and to learn how to get the most from each lens that you use. What we offer is merely a beginning point for your exploration.  

Click through the links in the list above to start reading. The titles are self-explanatory.

Suggest Lenses to Help Us Complete the Series! 

This series is incomplete, as you can see. E-mail me about a particular lens that you would like to be included. If you make a compelling argument for the lens, you will see it added to the appropriate guide.

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Published: April 23, 2007 | Last Updated: July 28, 2021

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  2. In your list of lenses for Sports Photography you recommend the older Nikon 600 mm not the newer AF-S NIKKOR 600mm f/4G ED VR

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