Competition Winners

Finally, I’ve been able to properly evaluate and publish the winners of the Beyond Phototips Detail Everywhere competition. We received an un-expected 43 entries, each of them showing your expertise and fondness for photography. Now, here are the winners; without further ado. The Winners First Place First Place: Explorer by Aaron Koolen Second Place Second … Read more Competition Winners

Powerful Portraits – Look Through the Lens

Some photographers just seem to be able to take powerful portrait images time after time.┬áSo, what makes them stand out and look you in the face? Why do you feel a connection with the person in the image? Possibly because they are actually looking at the photographer, through the lens, and therefore at you! Powerful … Read more Powerful Portraits – Look Through the Lens

The Urban Alphabet: A Photography Project

See Alphabets in Urban Objects. The Urban Alphabet Project.

The challenge today is to find an ‘Urban Alphabet’: English Alphabets that are seen in everyday objects around you. Cities provide us with a wonderful resource in juxtaposed objects. Magnificently textured drain covers from a different era sitting next to a modern paving and street markings, an ultra-modern skyscraper freshly sculpted out of the earth, … Read more The Urban Alphabet: A Photography Project

Photo Project: Low Light Photography

Photo Project: Low Light Photography

Silhouette of a man on a hill, in fog with lights behind by Charlietyack

Photographers are intrigued by light. One situation that every photographer struggles with, and wants to master, is the skill of taking low light photographs. This is a photography project in which you can push the limits of what you can do with your low light photography skills, and learn the basics of this skill too.

Photography is all about light. How you see it, how it affects a scene, and how that affects the person viewing the photograph. The dark black & white photograph taken with fast film, with its characteristic grainy ‘texture’ will always draw people to it…

Let’s take a peek into what equipment you’ll need and what you can do with it…

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Photo Project: Environmental Portraits

Portraits try to evoke an understanding between the viewer and the person being photographed. Or at least that’s what the photographer is trying to do most of the time. Other times, he’s just trying to make the subject pretty, but that’s a different kind of portraiture…

When you look at a portrait (taken in the first school of thought,) you wonder what the person in the photograph is like in character… are they serious, jovial, nutty or geeky? Apart from their usual outlook, what other emotions are they likely to face on a daily basis? These are the questions that a strong portrait makes people think about; and hopefully find answers to.

Environmental Portraits

Girl in field (spring)
by Katrijn Michiels

Now, Environmental Portraits introduce an exciting factor into portrait photography. You guessed it, you dawg, it introduces the viewer to the subject’s (sitter) environment. Big words? Ok. Its a picture of a person in a place that has some connection with whom they are and what they do… So, instead of just the person being the subject of the photograph, elements of the surrounding area become part of that subject too.

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Photo Project: Photo Stories

Back to school, Baby! We’re doing essays!

photo by arndalarm

Don’t you remember how you hated doing essays in school? First you had to come up with a topic, or you’d be assigned one, then you’d have to research the essay, make notes and finally write the essay! Oh, the piles of books that would have to be read and sometimes referenced! and do you remember the library? [sigh] I mean, want to forget the library?

Well, now here’s a chance to get back at the establishment!

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