Photography Project: Symmetry. Pic by James Jordan

Photo Project: Symmetry

In order to take you photography to the next level, there are some things that you must consider. Photography is a skill; but at some point that skill must be overcome by aesthetic considerations in order to be considered ‘art’. Lets start off with a simple project. One that everyone could take part in, that will help you develop your photographic eye, and help you stock up your photographic bag of tricks.


Symmetry is a key element of nature itself, and more importantly to us, in man, and his creations. In your composition, and in your subject, symmetry brings out simplicity amongst complex shapes, and makes things easier to understand.

Symmetry is everywhere. It is when you look at a perfect square, or a bar of chocolate, when you push all your chairs in at your dinner table, or when you look at a racing car. You see it in your architecture, in domes, in arches, in staircases and in doors. You see it in your computers and cellular phones. It is possible that it also makes things more beautiful to behold, and is hard to ignore once you start looking around… Symmetry is everywhere.

Symmetry is not always the best choice for a subject though, and knowing when to use symmetry to enhance the features of the subject, or the subject of your photograph is something that comes with practice and a critical eye.

Take Part – Show off your Symmetry

To be part of the Photo Project, take three photographs with the theme ‘symmetry’ kept in mind. Upload them to Flickr, and add them to the Beyond Phototips Flickr Group with the tag “BPP-symmetry“.

10 days from now, I’ll pick at least one photograph from every participant’s submissions and post them all up here on Beyond Phototips for everyone to see. So be on your toes, and think before pressing that shutter-release button. You don’t want to be showing off anything but your best work, right?

If  you find the process interesting, why not write about it and put it up on your blog so that others can benefit too? If you’ve got any thoughts to share, but just want to jot them down quickly, do leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Some Examples of Symmetry in Photography

Not all books are burnedCreative Commons License photo credit: Netream

wall & doorsCreative Commons License photo credit: goandgo


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