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The Camera Debate

The Camera Platform Debate: Canon Vs Nikon

In many ways, this photographic debate is very much like the Mac Vs. PC debate. In many ways, it’s not.

The debate has always been fuelled by passionate fans of each camera system, with each group saying that their choice is the best, or ‘better’ as the case may be. Each group points out minor flaws in the other’s camera system, with very few people looking at the bigger picture. In the end, is there a ‘better camera platform’? And if there is one, which is it?

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Imperial Stormtroopers funny

Lose Yourself, Find Things to Photograph

Often people mistakenly believe that they need to go to a strange new land to discover new things to photograph. I discovered otherwise just yesterday.

Yesterday, I deliberately got lost in my city, Chennai. I went into a section of Chennai that I’d not been to before, and I discovered a whole new part of the city that I never knew existed. It was a simple step; wander through a section of town that you’ve not been through before, look around you at the people, buildings, shops. For me, it was like I’d gone back through time, to when the city was simpler, less modern, more rural. You may not discover new vistas around each bend, but give it a shot. If you’re truly looking for a photograph, you’ll find one.

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Stop Reading This, And Take Some Photos Instead

The Most Important Tip For Beginners

“Stop procrastinating, and take some photographs. Right now!” – That’s it… That’s the tip.

You’re probably a photography enthusiast who’s trying to learn more about various photography techniques or styles. One way is to research the technique, look at a median of samples; so much so, that you could get lost in the process of learning.

However, consider how long ago was the last time that you actually took a good photograph that you liked, and were proud of… If it’s been a while, then you need to put this article down immediately. Pick up your camera instead, and practice your craft.

However, I’ll cut you some slack if you happen to be reading this late at night, you’re tired, and don’t mind a bit of light-hearted reading, then do read on…

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Learn Creativity With Parkour

Learn Creativity From Parkour Athletes Training Methods

You’ve watched Casino Royale, or Babylon A.D.? Yes? Then you’ve seen traceurs in action.

They’re the people who run around cities, jumping over walls, climbing the outsides of buildings, and generally doing ‘impossible’ stuff. Their ‘sport’ is called “Le Parkour” or “FreeRunning” and the practitioners are called ‘Traceurs’. Their goal is to get from point A to point B in the most graceful and efficient way physically possible.

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How Can I Become More Observant In Life

How To Be More Observant (7 Habits)

Every single person can benefit from being more perceptive/observant in their daily lives; not just photographers. From a quick assessment, it would seem as though photographers have the most to gain from being observant. In reality, every profession relies on people who have an eye for detail – people who seem to be able to spot anything that needs attention.

The core of an observation habit boils down to focus, attention, and care. Is it that these people care more? Or are they just paying more attention? I say a little of both. You are reading this because you care about having an eye for detail. Here are a few ways in which you can build habits into your daily life so that observation becomes an innate skill.

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The Fine Art of Observation – 6 Tips

Photography is as much the art of observing and appreciating things as it is the art of capturing them on film. No matter which branch of photography you prefer, you will find that the best photographs are a result of a photographer seeing things that most people miss out on. So let’s dive deeper into observation skills, and how you can develop a keen sense of what to pay attention to when taking photographs. Sometimes, this type of photography is referred to as Observational Photography.

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Why You Should Know Your Equipment Better

Three weeks ago, my MacBook Pro crashed. It had seen a year of good service, and because it was my first ever Mac, I’d just about set it up to work exactly the way I wanted it to; and it crashed. The Apple service provider in my city said that the logic board had died, and they would fix it in a jiffy. The “Jiffy” turned into a 3 week ordeal that I will not describe here, but the Mac is back, and Oh! What a joy it is to have it back.

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