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What keeps you addicted to photography?

Do let us know what keeps you addicted… Or, are you NOT addicted as yet?

Published: March 16, 2009 | Last Updated: January 5, 2021

9 thoughts on “What keeps you addicted to photography?”

  1. Three things:
    1. The endless creative opportunity to share how I see the world.
    2. A personal hunger to learn as much as I can about photography.
    3. The endless pursuit of perfection.

    Photography is permanently in my blood. Interesting question. It made me think about things I never consciously think about.

  2. Jim, I’m glad that it helped you rediscover your reasons to photograph the world around you.

    I’ve been doing some thinking myself, and I’ll leave my comments at the end, if there are any others. :D

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I think in part the joy it brings me in discovering new ways at looking at things, but mainly because this is the first thing I’ve ever been good at – well the first thing I believe that I’m good at.

    That I’m mostly self taught is a huge self esteem boost for me, and discovering new ways of doing things with film that (appear) not to have been done before excites me.

  4. Once I figured out how f-stops worked, photography became an absolutely effortless task, and I find myself amazed at how what I see through the viewfinder actually looks better in print or onscreen.

    I am a huge sentimentalist, too, and the ability to capture a moment in time so it can be revisited again and again, generation after generation satisfies the nostalgic historian in me, too. This is probably the main reason I have been walking around with a camera in my hand ever since I was 10 years old!

  5. I love seeing how far my drive can take me. I’m constantly surprising myself with what hard work and inspiration can achieve.
    I also love the variety of subjects you come across as a photographer. Whether I’m capturing nature or interesting characters, photography is a job that never gets old.

  6. Photography, for me, is an escape for me. When I’m shooting, it’s just me and the camera and all that matters is what I see through that lens. Photography is a way for me to be creative while documenting what I see (sometimes what I see is only in my mind’s eye until I develop the shot).

    I spent a couple of years without photography as part of my life (mostly due to finances) and when I got back into it, I almost feel like I found an old friend. Like something was missing the previous years.

  7. 1. the appreciation you get on capturing a great pic.
    2. the ability to capture a moment for eternity.
    3. its so much fun.

    (amateur photo enthusiast)

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