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Photography Projects. Photo of a trumpet on a blue background

Develop Your Skills, With Photography Projects

You have, no doubt, been told numerous times that “Great photography is more about the photographer than the equipment” and that “The equipment is just the tool”.

So, how does one actually develop the different aspects of a well-rounded and honed photographic vision? One of the best ways is by setting challenges that will push your skills to their limits and by taking enough photographs that you know what not to do, just as much as knowing what to do to get exceptional results. Then, get feedback from experienced photographers, and take action to improve your photography.

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Zoom out in your mind

Zoom Out in Your Mind

Have you ever noticed the way in which you seem to be able to focus on just one object of a scene (say a spoon on a table or a shop’s signboard on a street) when in fact your eyes are covering an entire scene? No? Make a mental note of the way you look at things the next time you walk down a busy street or drive down a busy road.

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