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Learn Creativity With Parkour

Learn Creativity From Parkour Athletes Training Methods

You’ve watched Casino Royale, or Babylon A.D.? Yes? Then you’ve seen traceurs in action.

They’re the people who run around cities, jumping over walls, climbing the outsides of buildings, and generally doing ‘impossible’ stuff. Their ‘sport’ is called “Le Parkour” or “FreeRunning” and the practitioners are called ‘Traceurs’. Their goal is to get from point A to point B in the most graceful and efficient way physically possible.

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Photography Projects. Photo of a trumpet on a blue background

Develop Your Skills, With Photography Projects

We develop intagible skills by doing things… Practical projects teach us in a way that theory can not. While both go hand-in-hand to develop a well-rounded understanding of a craft, often the practical aspect is left out when discussing photography skill development online.

With this series of projects in photography, we hope that we will be able to grow your imagination, excite your imagination and help you to see differently. We hope that you create amazing images as you explore the possibilities that these projects offer, and come back to share your amazing creations with us.

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