A Compact Wedding

Back in May I finally treated myself to a Canon G12, a piece of kit that I’ve wanted since it was released the previous year, and I set myself a challenge: use it to photograph a friend’s wedding.

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Book Review: The Moments Between

Cover of "The Moments Between" by Andy Day

The Book is “the moments between” by Andy Day. Buy it here. The Moments Between is an account of three traceurs – practitioners of Parkour – on a road trip through Italy – on a quest to discover themselves, their abilities, communities, new training grounds and new possibilities in their own Parkour training. Two of … Read more Book Review: The Moments Between

Book: Fundamentals of Photography

I’ve just made a replacement in my bookshelf. One of my long-standing favourite photography reference books has been replaced Tom Ang’s compendium – Fundamentals of Photography: The Essential Handbook for Both Digital and Film Cameras. The book is thick: 352 pages, and is packed with information. I’ve seen quite a few photography books over the … Read more Book: Fundamentals of Photography

Strobist – Hobby goes Pro

I’ve wondered about it for a long time… I’ve marvelled, and been Inspired by his apparent ability to do more than 3 tasks at a time, but I guess this day finally had to come. Baltimore Sun Photographer David Hobby has finally taken his ‘hobby’ and turned it into a life changing possibility. David started … Read more Strobist – Hobby goes Pro

Photographyvoter.com a good photo-resource

EDIT: This website has since gone offline.  I’ve often tried to find interesting photography-related material on digg.com. There is a lot of stuff out there, but unless you search, you’re not going to find anything on the main pages. You’re also going to have to wade through a lot of gunk to get to the … Read more Photographyvoter.com a good photo-resource