Tiny Tips 10: Study and use Backlighting for Close-up / Macro Photography

Very often, when you are taking photographs of a subject with an element or translucence (Like flowers, fruits and vegetables or maybe even a dragonfly on a twig!) you may want to give some light from behind the subject. This is to add life to the translucent nature of the subject and to bring out vibrant colours that have to be highlighted in the picture.

Of course you will have your main light source. Backlighting may be done by using a reflector or deflecting surface to backlight the subject. A ‘Kicker’ or light from behind the subject may also be used.

You will do well to avoid flare caused by the kicker’s light coming onto the lens. You can do this by using a lens hood or black cardboard as ‘cutters’ to block the light from falling directly on the lens.

Happy Shooting!

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