Tiny Tips 16: Always Use a UV Filter

A UV Filter is an important part of every photographer’s kit. This may seem like a no-brainer to any sufficiently advanced photographer reading this post, but to the beginners: take note: this is a very important part of your equipment. Or should be.

Why Should you ‘Always’ use a Ultra Violet filter on your lens?

Because filters protect your photographs, your lens, and your investment in photographic equipment. UV filters primarily filter out the invisible UltraViolet light that causes ‘haze’ on film (and some dSLR sensors), but their broader list of purposes includes:

  • Protecting your lens from dust and flying sand
  • Protecting your lens from scratches (I’ve seen some bad scratches avoided because of this filter)
  • Protecting your filter mount from getting bent
  • Saving your lens by sacrificing itself (filters are housed in aluminium frames, these are soft and absorb impact well even though they’re not meant for this purpose)
  • Preventing Sea Spray (and salt) from getting into the lens (for this purpose alone, buy a UV filter)

Some people say that a UV filter reduces the quality of the image that you take. They’re referring to an extremely high level of quality that is not required by most people on this planet. If you want to ensure that your image quality does not deteriorate, simply get a good quality filter and keep it clean.

Remember to get one for each lens that you have. When you’re out taking pictures, don’t take them off unless you absolutely have to.

Has a UV filter saved your equipment? Let us know in the comments.

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