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Post Processing

Edit Brian Auer's Photograph in your own style

Photoshop Processing – Edit Brian’s Picture

A while ago, Brian Auer posted a project on his blog where he invited people to use a photograph that he would supply and process it in Photoshop (or any other image editing software). The idea was to see how different people take an image and work on it.

Brian was kind enough to give us the option of starting from the original RAW file from his camera as long as we reminded ourselves time and time again that we did not own the photograph, but were only borrowing it for purposes of this project.

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Understanding RAW Files: A Photographer’s Guide

Professional photographers need RAW files all the time. RAW files can be a game changer. These unprocessed, uncompressed image files give photographers unparalleled levels of control over the final image’s look and detail. In this article, you’ll find out about RAW files and how they’re produced by digital cameras. RAW image formats help professionals and amateurs alike produce finished image files that are incredibly detailed and versatile in terms of usage!

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