Poll Results: How often do you take photographs?

Last week, I started something new on Beyond Phototips, and 78 people (actually 79, but somebody accidentally entered an empty custom field) took part! Here’s the actual poll.

I got to put together a nice pie chart before doing a rough analysis of the results!

How often do you take photographs?

Now for the Deconstruction:

Every Day 15
Every Week 33
Every Week-End 4
From Time-To-Time 15
When there’s a family event 1
When I Find My Camera 1
10,000 images per year 3
Whenever I Travel 1
When I See Something Interesting 4
100/day 1

This is how the numbers looked at the end of the week, with most photographers taking pictures every week [33 of them! / 42%]. The second group was a tie… 15 [19%] each shot every day, and “from time-to-time”.

What is interesting is that there are some people out there who shoot up to 100 pictures a day. Eric, commented that though he’d put down that he shot over 10,000 images a year, it does not say much for the quality of pictures.

I’d like to briefly mention that with each photograph that you take, if you analyse your composition, the light available, and your exposure (think of those three to start with) and think of ways to improve your reaction to that situation, you’ll always end up with better photographs at the end of those 10,000 and a year…

Cheers to all of you who took part! Do look for the next poll, coming this Friday!