Poll: How often do you take photographs?

Reader Poll 01

Photo: David Fisher

Hi There…

Welcome to something new that we’re trying, here on Beyond Phototips! A reader opinion poll. This is all about what you, the reader, think about photography.

Some times, people forget that photography is about actually “taking” photographs. It does not happen very often, now that you don’t have to go out to the store to “buy” film, but it still does happen. At some time or the other we tend to get obsessed with technique, gear, what others are doing in the world of photography; and we miss out on actually taking some of these ourselves.

We’re all guilty of this crime at some time or the other; just to different extents.

At which end of the scale are you?



The poll will be open for a week, so do stop by and let us know what your shooting schedule is.