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Selecting Photographs: What Not to Show

You’re an aspiring photographer or amateur photographer and want to show the world, or maybe just your relatives what you can do with a camera and some good ol’ light. But where’s that brilliant photograph in which you’ve managed to time the shot just perfectly? Lost in the quagmire of shots that didn’t make the cut? Here’s one small tip with an illustration to help you out.

Tiny Tips 2 – Light Study

Study the play of light on your subject! Remember that light travels in straight lines and casts shadows: the stronger the light, the darker the shadows. A good photograph depends on an aesthetic balance of your highlights and shadows! Happy…

Tiny Tips 4 – Study Highlights!

The earlier two tips were about attributes of light that may well be avoided. Here is one aspect of light that you would do well to utilise constructively. While a light source from behind the camera (frontal lighting) helps you…