Dear Reader, Who are you?

Hi there,

Beyond Phototips has been around in it’s current avatar for almost a year now, and things have been wonderful. Thank you for making it such a happy place 😉

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Photo: Mystereys

However, I have a problem right now. There are so many things to write about, and I’m not quite sure what would be appropriate for you, the regular Beyond Phototips reader. Right now its a bit like having a one sided conversation.

To help the ‘conversations’ on the site itself happen with a bit more ease, I’ve installed a “Top Commentors” plugin. Hopefully that will help identify the regulars and encourage conversations amongst you.

To help me write more appropriate content for you, I’m asking 7 quick questions. The poll is completely anonymous, but will help improve the quality of content you see here.

BTW, I know these “call to action” posts don’t usually do very well, but think of it as a small investment in your reading habits. It should take you no more than 30 seconds to finish off. I tried it. I know. 😀

I’ll summarise the results in a post once we have enough data. Please do answer all the questions.


Thank you for your time. If you’d like to, do leave a comment to elaborate on any thoughts that you have on how we can improve the site. You could also use the Contact Us page for a longer, more private discussion. They’re all appreciated a great deal.

BTW, do check out the last post and the comments if you missed them: Why You Should ‘Always’ use an Ultra Violet filter on your lens? Especially if you’re a photography newbie.

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