Capture One Pre-Upgrade Sale:20%+ OFF. Don’t Miss it

If you’re a Capture One user, now is the time to upgrade to Capture One 22. The company is offering a discount of 20%, with a potential additional discount if you use our special discount code BPT10.

If you are thinking of upgrading to the new version of Capture One, with HDR and Panorama capability, it may pay off to make use of this discount opportunity. The company has stated that there will not be a larger discount available in the future, and this opportunity is open only until November 9th, 2021.

When is Capture One 22 Launching?

Capture One 22 is set to launch in December 2021 and has been hyped to incorporate some of the most realistic HDR merging, and easy-to-use panorama stitching features. We haven’t seen them in action yet, but are excited about the upgrade to 22.

Capture One has been listening to their audience and has been making key updates in the ease of use of the software in recent months.

Who Is This Promo For?

This promo is for existing perpetual license holders of Capture One. Whether you have a license for Capture One Pro, or a Branded Capture One License (Fujifilm, Sony, or Nikon), version 21 or older, you will be able to use this opportunity to upgrade to Capture One 22 and save 20%.

This is not applicable if you are a subscriber. If you are a subscriber, you’ll get the upgrade automatically when it releases.

This is also not applicable if you don’t already own a Capture One License.

How Do I Get my 20% + Additional Discount?

It’s simple.

  1. Visit the Capture One site
  2. Log in and visit your account page
  3. Click on the “Upgrade” and choose which upgrade option you want
  4. Purchase an upgrade license while it is on discount (before Nov 9th)
  5. Enter the code BPT10 on checkout to make sure that you get an additional discount of 10% on your discounted purchase price, for a total discount of 28%. That’s it for now.

Ok, I Made The Purchase, But My Current License Is Now Not Working… What Gives?

  • Once you purchase your pre-upgrade offer, your old license key will be deactivated, and a new one sent to you.
  • The next time you open your copy of Capture One, you’ll be prompted for this new license. Enter it, and your current version will continue to work as usual.
  • THEN… when Capture One 22 is released, you will get access to an update which you will have to download and install for the new version to work.

NOTE: A previous version of this article incorrectly implied that the 10% discount would be applied to the full price (implying a total discount of 30%) instead of being applied on the discounted price. This has since been clarified. The maximum discount that may be availed is 28%.

Susheel Chandradhas

Susheel Chandradhas

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