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Capture One Discontinues Branded Versions

Capture One drops branded versions

Danish RAW image editing software makers Capture One, have decided to drop the brand-specific versions, in favor of their multi-brand tool, Capture One Pro 22. The latest version was launched in early December 2021 and sports major software feature updates like Panoramic and HDR image blending and wireless tethering for cameras.

The company states that users of brand-specific Capture One 22 (perpetual license or subscription) will be able to continue using their current software, which will be supported until its end-of-life, and will receive regular feature updates. They will be also be given the option to upgrade for free to Capture One Pro, the company’s non-brand-specific software. They will be intimated about the process early in April 2022.

Users of manufacturer-branded Capture One 21 will be given the option to updated to the latest version of Capture One Pro 22. There is a 25% discount offered to these users and will be available until 18 April, 2022.

There is no change for Capture One Express users (Sony and Fujifilm).

Versions of Capture One 22 that were specific to Sony, Fujifilm, and Nikon cameras have been removed from their online store, and will not be available moving forward. The company states that they are streamlining their offerings ahead of a slew of new product offerings in the near future. This will include Capture One Live, a collaboration tool that is set to release as part of Capture One Pro 22 later this month, and Capture One for iPad, the company’s first-ever iOS/iPadOS app.

You can read more about the process of upgrading Capture One, at the company’s Support/FAQ page about the discontinuation.

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Image Credit: Capture One

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