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On How Many Computers Can I Use Affinity Photo?

How many computers can I use affinity photo on?

Affinity Photo is a very powerful image editing tool. In some ways, I have found that it rivals the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop, in other ways, I find that borders on exceeding the abilities of Photoshop. Either way, if you are interested in image editing tools, Affinity Photo is a tool that you would want to explore.

Affinity Photo is especially interesting to people who have grown tired of Adobe’s subscription model and would like to pay a one-time, fixed fee for a powerful image editing tool. Many of these people have found Affinity Photo to be all that they had hoped it would be. However, it’s still a young app, and it’s not all is smooth sailing. With time, it will mature.

You can install Affinity Photo on as many computers as you own as an individual, or on one multi-user computer, as a commercial entity.

Purchasing Affinity Photo

You can buy a license of Affinity Photo by visiting the website: Create an account and make the purchase. You will then receive an email with your product key. You can also access this information in the My Account section.

Having purchased an Affinity product license gives you access to the application on one particular platform, either Mac or PC, not both. This means that if you buy Affinity Photo for Windows, your product key will work only on Windows PCs. The same applies to licenses for the Mac version. Be sure to make your purchase correctly, and you will have no problems.

Getting Your Product Key From The Affinity Photo Website

On the website, there is a section titled “Downloads & Product Keys“. You will now find your purchase listed here, with the Purchase Date, Product Name, Order Number, Email ID, and Product Key, among other details. There is also a prominent “Download” button.

Download the app, and install it with the details mentioned above. You can also follow the Affinity software installation guide.

Your Affinity Photo License

Each license gives you the right to install the product that you purchased (Affinity Photo for Windows, for example) on as many computers as you (the buyer) own and control. However, this is restricted to the platform for which you purchased the software.

As an Individual, if you want to run Affinity software on both a Mac and a Windows PC, you will have to buy two licenses. One each for Windows, and macOS. You will then be able to install it on as many Windows and macOS computers as you personally own and control.

Commercial enterprises must abide by an additional guideline. Each license can be used either by one individual on multiple computers that they own or by multiple individuals on one single shared computer.

You can get more information by reading the Affinity Software End User License Agreement (EULA).

Upgrading Affinity Apps to Version 2

Your purchase gives you a license to use Affinity1.x apps for either Windows or macOS. You will need to purchase an upgrade license at an additional cost. This is what the Affinity website states:

For a single, one-off price you will own the current version (v1) of the app (on your chosen operating system). It’s yours to keep and you’ll even receive free updates of the software until version 2 becomes available (no planned date currently). You can then simply continue using the version you have or choose to upgrade to version 2 for an additional cost.

Affinity by Serif

Quick Answers to Affinity License Questions:

  • How much does Affinity Photo Cost?
    Affinity Photo is available from the Affinity Website, Mac App Store, or Microsoft Store for $54.99. The iPad app costs $21.99 ($9.99 on discount).
  • Can I download and install Affinity Apps on two computers?
    Yes, you can, as long as they’re the same operating system. Additionally, all the computers must be owned and controlled by you, and not be used by multiple users.
  • Can Multiple Users use a single copy of Affinity Software?
    Yes. However, if so, then each multi-user computer must have its own license.
  • Can I use Affinity Photo On Mac and PC?
    Yes, but you will need separate licenses for macOS and Windows.
  • Is Affinity available on the Mac App Store?
    Yes. The Affinity apps are available on the Mac App Store. Purchasing them allows you to install the app on every computer on which you are signed in to your Apple ID.
  • Do I have to remain online to use Affinity Photo?
    No, you do not have to remain online once you have installed and authorised the application
  • Does Affinity have a return or refund policy?
    Affinity provides a 14 day 100% refund policy. You will need to email [email protected] with your name, order number and reason for the return. The refund will be authorised in 2-3 days.

Affinity Photo is an app that allows digital artists and photographers to create amazing works of art, while not costing as much as some other, more popular tools. If you don’t want to pay a monthly or yearly subscription, you should probably try out Affinity Photo.

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