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I hadn’t checked out Photography Voter before I made my post yesterday, about how you’ll get better expressions if you can get people to look at you “through the lens”. I just did, and look at what I found. Just on the first page! A whole bunch of posts about Portrait Photography!

5 Tips for Directing Models
Tips for making people relax, who might not be comfortable in front of a camera. This goes perfectly with my last post.

Approach to Taking a Portrait
Different people, Same needs when you’re taking a photograph. How to get through to the person being photographed.

Wired Magazine’s top 10 Reader Self Portraits
Some really interesting self portraits here.

About a Pair of Green Eyes
A beginner’s first portrait photo-shoot.

All these just off the first page!

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Published: April 4, 2008 | Last Updated: July 2, 2021

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