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Video: Ducky Photo

James Burger has shared a video taken in timelapse/stop-motion of a photoshoot that he had, with a certain plasticky friend. Watch it below.

The video shows James contemplating a plastic duck figure in his apartment. It triggers inspiration, and he then sets up a shooting table with strobes and a tethered camera setup, to capture his imagination. The video ends with the singlular image that is the realisation of his idea.

I love the simplicity of the execution of this BTS video, and the mirth that comes through. Take a look and let me know if you feel the same way about it as I do.

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Published: June 25, 2009 | Last Updated: July 21, 2021

2 thoughts on “Video: Ducky Photo”

  1. Thanks for the post. I’ve been lazy lately too. Some reasons:

    1. I’ve lost interest in my Fuji 6900 camera which I used to love. It took (I took with it) some great pictures. The batteries are weak and I don’t want to buy new batteries for an old camera…I mean really old.

    2. My newer pocket camera was bought just for having one with me for quick shots. It also needs new batteries, but I was never really happy with the quality of the pics (as I was with my Fuji).

    3. I should really get a new camera.

    4. Should take the time to ride around and photograph some landscapes which is what I enjoy.

    Anyway, thanks for the post.

    1. Susan,

      I know what you mean about your camera not living up to expectations, but do get out there and take some pictures. I usually find that actually planning a shoot and then executing it helps get the enthusiasm levels up.

      Hope to find you taking pictures soon… Cheers!

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