Tiny Tips 9: On Composition

You are a photographer, so remember that you have a powerful tool of creativity in your hands… the Camera!

Try to create a masterpiece every time you click. How?

Take the composition and balance in your photographs seriously.

Follow the works of the Great Masters of painting Rembrandt RenoirRubensDa Vinci… every painting of theirs was carefully composed in sketches first, and the placement of various elements was thought out a great deal. They spent time and effort in understanding how various shapes, colors, shades, and angles created an impact on the resulting image.

These principles, when put together form the guidelines of composition… Some of these have been given names… Leading lines, The Rule of Thirds, The Golden Section, Perspective, Focal points, so on, and so forth.

Work at it with diligence, and I’m sure you will turn out masterpieces as well.

Happy Shooting!

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John Sudhakar

John Sudhakar

John Sudhakar is a professional photographer based in Chennai, India. His focus is on fashion, resorts, and product photography.

These days he is also involved in building customized motorcycles at The Bullet Factory.

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