Sony A7IV Specs Leaked

Sony A7IV Specs Leaked (Mock Image)

The Sony A7IV has been long anticipated, and recent rumors have emerged about what the camera specs could be. Let’s dive into it without further ado.

Rumored Sony A7IV Specs, Launch Date

Sony Alpha Rumors recently listed a minimal set of possible updated specs for the ‘rumored’ camera. The updates suggested a 33-megapixel sensor with 5.5 stop IBIS (compared to 5-stops with the A7III). They also hinted at other, more tenuous rumors that they will post soon.

Additional specifications available elsewhere indicate the likely availability of 4K 60p video as well as improved autofocus and the new and improved menu system that is in the A7SIII and A1 Cameras.

Delayed Launch & Chip Shortages

Earlier, Sony Alpha Rumors had reported that the camera was set for a delayed launch in late October 2021 due to the ongoing global chip shortages.

We still do not have any official word from the company about the launch of this camera and the worldwide chip shortages have affected many camera production lines.

Potential Pricing

All indications point to a $2,500 price point which is a step up from the $2,000 that the A7III debuted at. The Sony A7III is currently available at around $1,700.

Sony A7 Lineup

Sony A7 lineup was last refreshed in February 2018 with the Sony A7III, which was a huge hit.

The A7III has been a huge seller for Sony. The 24-megapixel multi-purpose camera has seen many photographers and filmmakers use it as an entry point into the Sony Mirrorless Camera ecosystem and has allowed Sony to capitalize on the lens lineup advantage that it had over the Canon Full-frame Mirrorless system.

However, the situation isn’t the same as in 2018, and Sony will need to deliver more than just a slightly better A7III for photographers to be convinced to upgrade.

Competition For The Sony A7IV

Sony’s 24-megapixel sensors have recently felt the strain as other cameras manufacturers have upgraded to higher megapixel counts. The A7III’s autofocus system, through speedy, still lags behind new cameras such as the Canon R6 and R5 that have remarkable eye autofocus for humans as well as animals.

Sony has lagged behind Canon on this front and the improved autofocus system from the Sony flagship systems will be a welcome addition but is still likely to lag behind in terms of innovation with the rumored automotive autofocus tracking in the upcoming Canon R3. Sony may end up playing catch-up for quite a while yet on this front.

Canon’s mirrorless lens range is starting to grow quite considerably, and I would say that they currently have some imaginative implementations in their new lenses.

This means that Sony will be forced to try and impress photographers with its new camera, and will have to unveil a camera that is more than a faster and slightly better A7III.

The 33megapixel sensor probably is an indication of Sony trying to gain an advantage over the 20 Megapixels that the Canon R6 brings to the table at the same price point, but time will tell if these rumors are true.

Stay Tuned For Updates

We will update this page as more news comes in about this camera, so stay tuned.

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    1. It certainly needs to be something reasonably innovative for them to keep the lead. However, the leaked specs only suggest a .5 stop gain in image stabilization and a 9Mpx gain in resolution. The other updates seem to be incremental and borrowed from existing cameras. Being almost the lowest priced Full-Frame Mirrorless in the A7 series, I don’t think the real innovation will first be seen here.

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