Link Roundup #003

Hello there. We are back again with our informative links from the past week. Though our week was filled with all the Black Friday sales and announcements, we have rounded up a lot of other interesting and informative links for you below. Check them out and let us know which was your favorite, and why.

On the ethics of street photography and the homeless – Please take a look at this important article if you’re interested in street photography at all.

Source: The Phoblographer

Food photography: Capturing the perfect drop – The holiday season is upon us, and conjuring up tasty beverages is an important part of a good time. If you’re trying to photograph them, this article has a bunch of informative tips and ideas to capture that perfect icy-cold spirit (pun intended).

Source: Photofocus

The latest financial results from Nikon, Fujifilm, and Sony – Did Nikon, Fujifilm, and Sony Imaging do well in the last financial quarter? Find out if you’re interested in the future of these companies.

Source: Photo Rumors

Never Before Seen Photos of Kristallnacht, the Nazi Assault on Jews in 1938 – Important images that must be seen to understand Kristallnacht, and why must not let it happen again.

Source: PetaPixel

This is the Specialized Vessel That Will Launch Photo Tourism Space Pods – In 2024 you will be able to buy tickets to float to the edge of space, take photographs and return safely to earth. Take a look at the special vessel that will make it all happen.

Source: PetaPixel

Three Tips for Image Noise Reduction – Digital Noise: Every digital photographer’s dread. Here are some concrete steps that you can take to minimize the effect of noise in your images, and how you can fine-tune it to look good.

Source: LightroomKillertips

Shoot in RAW on any iPhone Using This Trick – We love shooting RAW, and here’s a quick tip to make sure that you can shoot RAW when you need it on your iPhone.

Source: LightroomKillertips

Learn The Tantalising Trajectory Technique – Gim Liu shares his technique to create images of the trajectory of various objects moving through space. Heed the safety notice in the article if you decide to recreate some of these images.

Source: Light Stalking

Mistakes Made and Lessons (Not) Learned by the Photographic Industry – The photographic industry must evolve with the times, and both software and hardware must keep up with the needs and sensibilities of current consumers. Here’s a quick look at some of the lessons that companies have learned or have not learned.

Source: Fstoppers

Don’t Overlook This Part of Marketing Your Photography – Marketing yourself and your skills isn’t easy, and there are even more challenges that people with certain personality traits will face. Yet, we must market our skills and our business to gain work.

Source: Fstoppers

Shoot What It Feels Like? – David duChemin gives you a few pointers on how you can stir up emotions with your photography. “don’t shoot what it looks like; shoot what it feels like”. I think that this advice can be useful no matter the genre of photography that it’s applied to.

Source: David duChemin

Why I Hired a Photographer Instead of Taking the Pictures Myself – A photographer talks about why he hired another photographer to shoot his new product lineup. For beginners, this would be an interesting look into what a client focuses on when they hire a professional photographer to get the job done.

Source: Fstoppers

NASA’s InSight lander sends what will likely be its last photos from Mars – NASA’s InSight lander bids adieu with a set of images that might very well be its last. Take a peek.

Source: DP Review

See the breathtaking photoshop-free winning images from this year’s natural landscape awards – Yes, it is possible to create beautiful, painterly images without the use of photoshop and retouching tools. Take a look at some jaw-droppingly beautiful scenes from around the world in this collection of “natural” landscape images.

Source: DIY Photography

Comparing Studio Strobes and Constant Lighting for Photography – With the capabilities of digital cameras and new-age lighting solutions growing day by day, studio photographers now need to ask themselves whether they are going to do a particular shoot with constant light, or strobes. I find that in some cases, I even use a mix of the two, with great results. So, do you know the pros and cons of each? This article dives deep into the topic.

Source: Lensrentals

Photographer captures hilarious stray cats of Tokyo streets – Have fun as we sign off with these photos of cats being hilarious on the streets of Tokyo. Our favorite is the one of the grey cat with its eyes closed… Check out what it’s doing.

Source: DIY Photography

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