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Mobile Photography

Sony Xperia PRO-I Product Launch

Sony Xperia PRO-I: A Camera For Mobile Creators?

Wait, this is a phone… with a 1″ sensor. Not a camera. Sony has been on a roll recently. Hot on the heels of the release of their latest ‘entry-level’ full-frame camera the Sony A7IV, they’ve made news again with a PRO phone which features a 1-inch sensor that they have appropriated from their camera lineup: the aptly named Xperia PRO-I. This phone (camera?) sits alongside the $2,500 Sony Xperia Pro which was released in February 2021.

Both phones are professional tools that rightly deserve the ‘pro’ tag, unlike some others that have the tag just to denote a more premium version. So, what makes it stand out?

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What you can do with your mobile phone while you wait

11 Interesting Ways To Use Your Camera Phone

Your camera phone has a small camera, and one that can be placed in positions that would not be possible with a traditional DSLR or Mirrorless camera! Additionally, it’s always with you; so, take advantage of your cameraphone, and use it in ways that you would not have thought of… Here are a few ideas to get you started, and once you’re started, and find other ways to have fun with your cameraphone, come back and leave a note in the comments to share your ideas and images with us!

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