How to Take – A Better Picture

Three years in the Advertising business has convinced me that ideas are really powerful and that a photograph that has a strong idea is the most powerful tool to convey a message. A strong idea is always brought out in a simple, clear picture that has a strong subject and minimal interference from un-necessary elements.

Everyone’s seen pictures where things have gone wrong; Bleached out faces, heads cut off, tilting horizons and telephone poles sticking out of heads! All of which interfere in our understanding of what is happening in the photograph itself.

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It’s the Photographer, Not the Equipment

Camera Equipment. The Never-ending Quest! For many years now, I’ve been a person who’s been caught up in the equipment game… partly because my father – a frequent traveller to european countries – is an equipment enthusiast and for as long as I can remember, has always brought home classic cameras like the Zeiss Ikon Contaflex … Read more


Sorry about the bad WWE joke! We’re talking about digital photography today, and the ‘RAW’ we are talking about is the RAW image format! The New World of Digital Photography Welcome to the world of Digital Photography. This is a world where film negatives have been swapped for sensors, film grain has been swapped for noise, where ISO … Read more

Digital Takes Over Film for professionals too..

Where have all the dark rooms gone? Gone to graveyards, every one… Yes, that’s what is happening today… every one of the professional film developing and printing studios, especially the manual ones, have closed down… replaced by computerised labs that print your pictures, professional or not, with superb clarity and all-automatic adjustments. Why would you … Read more

Digital Panoramas

Creating panoramic images is fun; especially when you can use a digital camera. The time consuming and painstaking process of developing, scanning, colour matching and only then stitching the images together. With digital images, you can take the photographs, stitch them together, colour correct and then crop and display the images. Always remember to keep … Read more

It has got to connect

Photographs have an unnatural power over people. They create an image, taking reality and amending it according to the wish of the photographer. When you take a photograph, remember this. The photographer is all powerful. How your subject is interpreted is based on how you take the photograph. The lighting, the background, the colours, they … Read more

We’re off to a Blazing Start

Hello and welcome to a brand new experience. This blog is great if you are a photographer or a photography enthusiast, it will feature tips, techniques and theory relating to photography. You can also expect a dramatic increase in the quantum of information that will be made available as we progress… till later… Happy Surfing.