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What is a PSD File? PSD file specifications

PSD Files Explained: A Guide for Photographers

In the world of photography, image editing plays an important part of the process. Image editing takes the place of darkroom processes in the digital world. One of the most widely used programs for image editing is Adobe Photoshop, and this program’s native file format is called PSD (Photoshop Document). The impact that Photoshop has had in the design and art world is immense, and as a result, PSD files have a legend and tale all of their own.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of PSD files, exploring their features, uses, and applications. Why are they so ubiquitous? Can they be replaced? What makes them special? Let’s find out!

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Is Affinity Photo Compatible with PSD Files?

How Well Does Affinity Photo Handle Adobe PSD files?

Affinity Photo is an application that has been spoken of quite highly in the recent past. Affinity by Serif has created a suite of apps that take on Adobe’s stalwarts, Photoshop, Illustrator, and In-Design head-on. While doing so, they’ve added in their own twists, with innovations that will make you smile, and wonder why things weren’t always done this way.

They’re also new to the field, so the apps need to prove themselves before professionals consider switching to Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher full-time. In the meantime, one of the important questions that need to be answered is: Do Affinity Apps support Adobe file formats like .PSD, .AI, .PDF, and .EPS which have become industry standards over the course of the last 3 decades or more? Let’s find out…

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