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Interview with Suchitra Vijayan of Lines of Grey

Lines of Grey is an on-going effort to improve the lives of children through photography. I’ve had the opportunity to interview Suchitra Vijayan, founding member. She speaks about what motivated her to form Lines of Grey, the children, and her experiences.

The Urban Alphabet

The Urban Alphabet: A Photography Project

Today, challenge yourself to find an ‘Urban Alphabet’: Alphabets as found objects in everyday scenes around you.

Cities provide us with a wonderful resource in juxtaposed objects. Magnificently textured drain covers from a different era sitting next to modern paving and street markings, an ultra-modern skyscraper freshly sculpted out of the earth, yet forever posed against the immortal sky… they’re all there for the taking. Put one against the other, and see what alphabets you can make out of them.

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