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The Beginner's Guide to Macro Lens Selection

Choosing The Best Lens for Macro Photography

Macro photography is a complex topic, so selecting the best lens for macro photography isn’t just about selecting one lens and then being done with it. That’s just the starting. But before that, I’d like you to understand more about macro photography and the unique restrictions that it has

When objects in front of a lens are captured at almost the same size (1:1) on the camera’s sensor, that is Macro Photography. For this, special lenses are used. These lenses are typically able to focus very near the front element of the lens. Their design and clarity need to be exceptional in order to get pleasing results.

So, let’s look at what Macro Photography is, and which lenses are likely to suit your needs the best.

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The Best Lenses for Sports Photography

How To Choose Lenses for Sports Photography – In Depth

You’ve seen sports photographers on the sidelines of every sports event – with massive lenses supported by monopods. You’ll see them there in almost any kind of weather… Waiting to capture a perfect moment – one that distils the essence of the sport, and that also captures the action, in a vital moment for the athletes involved.

The lenses selected for sports photography have a very specific function in helping them to capture these fleeting, and rare moments. Let’s look at those lenses and the real reasons why photographers choose to, (and need to) use these lenses. We will also look at why shorter focal length lenses are not appropriate for photographing sports events… I deal with all this, in the three sections of this article about Sports Photography.

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The Best Lenses for Architecture

The Best Lenses for Architectural Photography

Photographing Architecture calls for photographers to use Tilt-Shift lenses much of the time, especially for tricky photos. Tilt-Shift lenses (also called TS or PC lenses) correct perspective distortion. This means that they correct the vertical lines of a building so that they actually look vertical, and not slanting towards each other, as happens with a regular lens. In the past, architectural photography may have called for a ‘technical camera’ or a ‘bellows’ attachment, but tilt-shift lenses are easier to use in the field allowing for easier photography.

Sometimes, photographers may use an extremely wide-angle lens, or a special-effect lens to photograph architecture, but these instances are extremely rare because most architectural firms want to see their work the way that it was envisioned. These other, special lenses are mentioned at the end of the article, but their usage is rare.

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Portrait of a woman Photographer: Guide to Buy: Portrait Lenses

Choosing The Best Lens for Portraits

Most people starting out in photography are interested in portraiture (people photography). So, it makes sense that of your first few lenses, you should choose one lens that is the best lens for portraits with your camera system.

We love photographing ourselves and each other. And as a result, Portrait Photography will never go out of fashion as long as photography exists. In this article, we dive into what features make up the best portrait lenses and also suggest a few of the best lenses for portraiture, with Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm Cameras.

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The Lens Buyer's Guide to the Best Camera Lenses

The Camera Lens Buying Guide

You want to buy the best camera lens for your camera, but where to start? There are so many different types of lenses, manufacturers, and usages that it’s very easy to get confused. This article is a starting point from which you can get detailed guidance about how to select a camera lens based on how you intend to use it. Take a look at the overall guidance we provide so that you start asking the right questions, then click on the guide that you need in the list to find and buy the exact lens that suits your camera and your needs.

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