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Capture Detail in your Images

How to Ensure Sharp, Detailed Photographs Every Time

Photographers, both amateur, and professional spend thousands of dollars on their cameras and lenses to be able to create stunning images that are rich with detail. However, poor technique can negate all the money in the world. Gaining a fundamental know-how of how to use even basic equipment, on the other hand, can elevate its abilities, and allow you to produce stunning images.

Detail means different things to different people, and our understanding of what a “detailed” image is can change as we progress down our path of learning. So, let’s start off by defining what exactly we mean, when we say that we want to create an extremely detailed and sharp image.

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Symmetry in Photography: A Guide to Using it

How to Use Symmetry In Photography

There are graphical elements, and visual tools that photographers use to make their photographs simpler to understand – because our brains are used to seeing, and understand these patterns and phenomenon – but also make their images stronger, visually.

Symmetry as a graphical tool in Photography is an extremely strong compositional device that can be used to draw the attention of your viewers. It declutters the image, and makes it visually simple, yet intriguing.

Beyond Photo Tips has a Photo Project about SYMMETRY; and you’re welcome to join us in its exploration. Now, let’s look at what symmetry is, and how you can spot it in nature, and even create symmetry in your images.

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Kung Fu For Your Photography

Kung-Fu For Your Photography

Kung Fu is the martial art weapon of the masses. Its inception took ‘force’ out of the exclusive domain of the rulers and empowered the common man. The basic ideas are simple but powerful. You can use these lessons to master photography today!

With amateurs putting their work alongside professional photographers on the internet, the line between master and student is starting to blur. Master your skills today, and you will always be a photography hero!

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14 Street Photography Tips – For The Beginner

Not everyone is bold enough to go out on the street and take photographs of life as it happens around them. If you’re someone who has been wanting to do this – to document the world around you as “life happens” – then here is a compilation of the best tips that I’ve seen about Street Photography over the years.

At the end of the article, I’ve also included a few additional resources so that you can continue to learn more about street photography from some of the best sources out there.

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Tiny Tips 14: Hold your Camera Right

If you’re using a dSLR, put your left hand below, supporting the base of the camera, with the index finger and thumb positioned to adjust focus/zoom. Support your left elbow with your chest and grip the camera body firmly with your right hand, positioning your right index finger above the shutter release.

Is Flash Photography Bad For Newborn Babies?

Is Flash Bad For Babies?

I am sometimes inundated in my email with the pictures that new parents take. Either they are too excited with their newly purchased digital camera or their new baby. Of course, we all would like to have pictures – loads of them; especially, of when we were babies when we looked beautiful, but … is it harmful to use a flash when taking photographs of newborn babies? Will it affect their developing brain or their eyes?

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