Symmetry In Photography: A Guide

Symmetry in Photography is an extremely strong compositional tool that can be used to draw the attention of your viewers. It declutters the image, and makes them visually simple, yet intriguing. Beyond Photo Tips has a running project about SYMMETRY; and you’re welcome to join us in its exploration. What is Symmetry? Does it just mean a ‘reflection’ of … Read more Symmetry In Photography: A Guide

Kung-Fu For Your Photography

Master Photography with lessons from Kung Fu masters.

Kung Fu is the martial art weapon of the masses. It’s inception took ‘force’ out of the exclusive domain of the rulers, and empowered the common man. The basic ideas are simple, but powerful. You can use these lessons to master photography today! With amateurs putting their work alongside professional photographers on the internet, the … Read more Kung-Fu For Your Photography

Tiny Tips 15: Hyperfocal Distance in Street Photography

If you want to take really quick & sneaky photographs on the street without putting your eye to the viewfinder, here’s a sneaky trick. Setting your lens in manual focus mode, and setting it at its Hyperfocal distance will allow you to take photographs with a great deal of flexibility, often allowing you to shoot … Read more Tiny Tips 15: Hyperfocal Distance in Street Photography

Obvious Street Photography Tips

Sometimes we tend to forget the obvious in our quest for the hidden. Here are a few ‘obvious’ street photography tips to remember when shooting on the streets. Get In close. All too often the actual ‘subject’ of a street photograph gets lost in the activity going on around… Get close to the subject, make … Read more Obvious Street Photography Tips

Powerful Portraits – Look Through the Lens

Some photographers just seem to be able to take powerful portrait images time after time. So, what makes them stand out and look you in the face? Why do you feel a connection with the person in the image? Possibly because they are actually looking at the photographer, through the lens, and therefore at you! Powerful … Read more Powerful Portraits – Look Through the Lens

How to Take Better Party Pictures!

How to take stunning party photographs

There are party pictures; and there are party pictures. This is why you need to know how to make yours stand out from the crowd. This series of tips is for compact digital camera users who want to make sure that everyone else ogles at your pictures. The first few tips are about your camera, the rest … Read more How to Take Better Party Pictures!