Competition Winners

Finally, I’ve been able to properly evaluate and publish the winners of the Beyond Phototips Detail Everywhere competition. We received an un-expected 43 entries, each of them showing your expertise and fondness for photography. Now, here are the winners; without further ado. The Winners First Place First Place: Explorer by Aaron Koolen Second Place Second … Read more Competition Winners

Projects & Competitions — Christmas & New Year

December; the end of the year, holidays and presents. Apparently it’s also the time for photography competitions with great prizes and inspiring projects that test your creativity. Here’s a quick run-through of some of the coolest. Lets start with Brian Auer’s Action and Preset Extravaganza. With prizes worth over $1,000, this is truly a drool-worthy … Read more Projects & Competitions — Christmas & New Year

Beyond Phototips Photo Contest Extended

Beyond Phototips’ first photography competition was supposed to have had its deadline on the 15th of this month, but I’ve decided to extend the submission date for the contest to the 28th of December 2008. Mainly because I’ve not had enough time to give it due attention. Here are the details for those of you … Read more Beyond Phototips Photo Contest Extended

Beyond Phototips’ Photography Contest

I’ve been wanting to organise a photography competition on ever since the PhotoProjects got a positive response. Now, we’ve got our first year under our belt, the Beyond Phototips Flickr Group, and some prizes in hand! and I think we’re ready to go… photo credit: simpologist The publishers of Tom Ang’s book Fundamentals of … Read more Beyond Phototips’ Photography Contest

Lessons in Creativity that you can learn from Parkour

You’ve watched Casino Royale, or Babylon A.D.? Yes? Then you’ve seen traceurs in action. Photo: amfdesigner   They’re the guys who run around cities, jumping over walls, climbing the outsides of buildings and generally doing ‘impossible’ stuff. Their ‘sport’ is called “Le Parkour” or “FreeRunning” and the practitioners are called ‘Traceurs’. Their goal is to … Read more Lessons in Creativity that you can learn from Parkour

19 Radical Skateboard Photography Tips

Skateboard photography can be quite interesting and exciting for a photographer. Skaters can be found in most cities and towns, either in skate parks or out on the streets. Below, you’ll find a collection of skateboard photography tips and great example photos. The tips aren’t massively in-depth because the intent isn’t to lecture about these … Read more 19 Radical Skateboard Photography Tips

7 Ways To A More Observant Life

Every single person can benefit from being more observant. Not just photographers, though photographers have the most to gain from being observant… (this is such a ‘duh’ moment… but humour me and do read on) This is the second part of a two-post series on why a good photographer is also a good observer. In … Read more 7 Ways To A More Observant Life

How did you all get so good?

This is a guest post by Podcaster, John Arnold. Photo: Floyduk There’s no fighting it – the standard of modern day amateur photography is way better than it was even just a decade ago. The quality of the submissions I see on the PhotoWalkthrough flickr group is excellent – occasionally spectacular. You, dear reader, are … Read more How did you all get so good?

Happy Birthday, Beyond Phototips!

Photo: Don Solo Congratulations are in order… to every one of you. Why? Because you’ve helped me bring BeyondPhototips through it’s very first year of existence. And now that we’re a year old, there’s got to be a grand Birthday bash. So that’s what we’re going to do… We’re going to have a great time … Read more Happy Birthday, Beyond Phototips!