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How to use Textures In Phtography

Textures in Photography – Using Light to Feel Texture

The Element of texture in photography is all about giving your photograph a real, tangible, and tactile feeling, and depicting it visually with light and shade. It is an important element in photography technique. Textures can add depth, interest, and visual appeal; they can even create an emotional connection to a photograph.

Without texture, there would be no flavor in our world. Our world would look much like early 3D art – without texture… Where shapes were rendered mostly with flat surfaces devoid of tactility and realism. Whether it’s the roughness of a rock face, the smoothness of a metal surface, or the gentle softness of a flower petal, texture can be found in every object in this universe.

Nothing is devoid of texture, from natural landscapes to man-made objects, and that’s why effective photography technique needs it too. As photographers, we need to know how to use texture in photography naturally, and effectively.

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