Selecting Photographs: What not to show

You’re an aspiring photographer or amateur photographer and want to show the world, or maybe just your relatives what you can do with a camera and some good ol’ light. But where’s that brilliant photograph in which you’ve managed to time the shot just perfectly? Lost in the quagmire of shots that didn’t make the cut? Here’s one small tip with an illustration to help you out.

8 Microstock Websites and "What the Hell is Microstock anyway?"

by Maria Rosa Micro stock, is that stock photography of only Macro photographs or photos of microscopic thingies? Nope, its the new rage across the photography scene. They’re websites which accept photographs from everyone, and their babies, given some very simple quality criteria. These photographs are accepted over the internet and are given a looking … Read more 8 Microstock Websites and "What the Hell is Microstock anyway?" a good photo-resource

EDIT: This website has since gone offline.  I’ve often tried to find interesting photography-related material on There is a lot of stuff out there, but unless you search, you’re not going to find anything on the main pages. You’re also going to have to wade through a lot of gunk to get to the … Read more a good photo-resource