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Cleaning a Vintage Fungus Infested Lens

How To Clean Camera Lens Fungus Off A Vintage Lens: Video

We’ve discussed camera maintenance and fungus prevention many, many times. It’s a topic that comes up annually, especially when the weather is hot and humid, and we are worried about our expensive lenses. While modern lenses are seemingly less susceptible to fungus, they’re not immune to lens fungus growth, which is why we take care of them.

But what happens when we come across a beautiful vintage lens that you can buy second-hand, but that’s full of fungus? Well, you try to clean off the fungus from the lens, and get it working as good as new, of course! That’s what we are going to see in this camera lens fungus cleaning video.

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How to maintain rubber parts on a camera body

How To Prevent Rubber From Becoming Sticky & Remove Sticky Rubber

Every camera starts to degrade after years of use. Among the many things that happen when cameras are stored away for a long time, is that the camera’s rubber parts start to degrade. Rubber degradation is inevitable. However, there are some concrete steps that you can take to preserve the rubber parts of your camera and other equipment around the house.

There isn’t a way to fully restore rubber that has already started to degrade, but there are ways to prevent the rubber from degrading too quickly in the first place. This is especially important if you are in hot and humid climates. Let’s get started on understanding how and why rubber degrades, and how we can slow down that process.

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How to Recharge Silica Gel

How To Dry Silica Gel and Reuse The Desiccant

Silica Gel is an adsorbent, which removes moisture from the air. It can be used to keep the Relative Humidity (RH) of an enclosed space low, and in this way, prevent fungus growth on camera lenses. Over time, Silica Gel becomes saturated with the moisture that it has adsorbed, and loses its ability to continue removing humidity from the air. We need to learn how to dry Silica Gel, to recharge it and make it usable once again.

The process is really easy and I have reused my indicating Silica Gel beads at least a few hundred times over the last decade. The amazing thing is that the Silica Gel continues to work just fine. Let me help you learn everything that you need to know about Silica Gel desiccants, and how you can recharge and reuse your Silica Gel packets for as long as you need, by drying them the correct way!

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