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Full RSS Feed Now Available on Beyond Photo Tips

Full RSS Feeds Are Now Enabled on BPT

We’re excited to announce that full RSS feeds are back! This means that you’ll be able to read full-length posts right in your favorite RSS feed reader. All of our content will be readable in your feed reader and you’ll never have to click out to the website to read the rest of an article. Now, easily subscribe to updates from our site using your preferred feed reader or other software, and receive notifications whenever we publish new content.

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1000+ RSS Feed Subscribers for Over a Week!

We hit 1,000 subscribers a couple of times last month. But RSS feed subscription numbers are not absolute. They fluctuate often, sometimes going down, sometimes going up, based on daily feed views (not actual subscriptions); so I preferred to err on the side of caution before making this announcement!

I decided to use the benchmark of 1,000 subscribers over a period of one week, and we just managed to achieve that with your help (8 days now, actually)!

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