Renting stuff – Borrowlenses for 17 days

It’s always nice to use equipment that you’ve not had access to before. You could ask a sympathetic (and well-off)  friend to lend you his stuff, or you could rent a specific lens or camera that you’ve been meaning to try out. The down-side is that renting is still a little expensive.

However, consider this… You’re going on a trip this holiday season, and you’ve always wanted to try the Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM that costs a whopping $2,124.00 on but what if you could try it out for 10 days while on your trip? You’d get some excellent photographs!

I came across this promo. They’re giving you 7 additional days to use their equipment when you rent gear for 10 days or more. See details below.

How It Works:

  1. Go to our website and select a rental that is at least 10 days and will ship by January 31st!
  2. At checkout, type FREEWEEK12 into the Promotional Codes box.
  3. Enjoy an extra FREE 7 days on your rental!.

Note: This discount is good for rental duration of 10 days or more and for orders placed between
December 11, 2012 and January 6, 2013.

NOTE: Beyond Phototips is not affiliated with in any way and is not receiving any remuneration for this post. If you’d like to support us, follow this link to Amazon when you buy your gear.