Quick Website Review: My Great World

Last Updated on August 21, 2016 by Susheel Chandradhas

[UPDATE: This website has since been taken offline]

MyGreatWorld.com is a user driven website that is trying to document the face of the planet from user’s photographs. If you’ve got any images that you’d like to share with everyone, do head over there and take a look.

Marco gave me a shout a few days ago to say Hi, and let me know about his website. Naturally, I went over and took a peek. I was pleasantly surprised to see a happy community that is hard at work. Here’s what they say about the website:

MyGreatWorld addresses anyone willing to photographically depict a spot and share information about it with the global neighbourhood. Uploading and sharing your pictures and thoughts is easy (and no personal data must be entered to become a member) – give it a try!

Instead of just hoarding millions of pictures without any additional criteria, the aim of MyGreatWorld is it to categorize information in order to present typical impressions of a spot, of its nature, technique and industry, history, architecture and the people who are living there, allowing at the same time for a simple and intuitive access to the true gems of our surrounding world.

Check out their website.

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