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Group Favs – 113 in one day! 15-03-10

I’ve just finished looking through approximately 550 of your photographs. A tough undertaking, and one of my own making because I’ve put off writing this post far too often.

However, there is a bright side to it. Here, we have 113 of your photographs that are really cool. They’re all my favourite photographs from the ones you submitted to the Beyond Phototips Flickr Group. Please take a look at them, and if you think the thumbnails look cool visit the group and check them out. If you would like your photographs to be featured here, I invite you to submit them to the flickr group. I’ll take a look at the submissions and post some of my faves real soon.


Hope you enjoy viewing the results of your own hard work.

Garden Route Setting SunSolitudeRed Mill Inn at SunsetBridgeWinery DogSunrise SunbeamsStarTunnelVille SavoyeExposure FusionCate in musicNew Year DeterminationSilent SnowSwollen TiberSunset on the BundSurfscapeFoggy Winter Day in the Kittitas ValleyLone TreeGoneBath Night 02McClellan AFB Night PhotographyHDR Attempt 01Oceanside, CA.Oceanside, CA.bamboo_black_lightadroplets1aJacksonSquareFog1aShoes2AlleyRugby FalconaraInnocencePalm detailNear the sidewalkRugby FalconaraGlastonbury TreetopMessage From Tatooineshadows of nostalgiaHort ParkHort Parkme hungryLiverpool@Batimat Paris 2009: black stoneIn The LightSingapore Botanical GardensSingapore Botanical GardensSingapore Botanical Gardens by ScandiacusSingapore Botanical Gardens by ScandiacusPumpkin by udijwFrecce tricolore by faerie_eriuTunnel Of Fire by WheelibinSparkfall by WheelibinThe Gum Pole by Brian Auereven more bokeh by udijwPoint Loma Shores by Brian AuerBattles of a soft heart by Farhat Al Harthy[naked] by .cascata.Don't Look Down by Brian AuerThe Qutub Minar by Dilip MuralidaranLilly by teffluviumBalance by Dilip MuralidaranSunset Over Santee by teffluviumSunset Over Santee by teffluvium[apple pie] by .cascata.[parasol] by .cascata.Breathe Today by Brian AuerIMG_0468 by tarun.satanAlone by Farhat Al HarthyThe Friendly Horse by Brian AuerThe Art of Punting by twmurphDolls for the Orphans by Dilip Muralidarancool it down. by Jonathan G_Breakfast @ Boca by ooomzChancellor by Dilip MuralidaranMask by Farhat Al HarthySilver Stairs by Peter DremstrupLonely sign.. by Peter DremstrupSmall silo.. by Peter Dremstrup[high noon] by .cascata.San Diego by Cornelia KurtewTransparency  by Farhat Al Harthyminimal ed ruscha by xgrayThe Natural Bridge by Cornelia Kurtew[icecream] by .cascata.IMG_0418 by tarun.satanIMG_0489 by tarun.satanbike by xgrayKøbenhavnmodell? by T. DogThe "Fly N Lion" by Brian AuerSplash by T. Dogchair by xgraytic tok tic tok by c.l.i.c.k.rHola! by c.l.i.c.k.rMountains in the sunset - cropped by Lars DahlinSummer night in Sweden by Lars DahlinRangers Stadium By Night by Mr. MuskratWat Benjam Bopit_2007-09-09_07-36-33 by crazyabtcamerasBangkok2007-05-27_18-44-28 by crazyabtcamerasMuscle Beach by Brian AuerPensive? by midas_dk by SudhindraAithalpre- summer lake by belka22lines by xgraycontemplate by Click AddictBeach Apartments by Brian AuerThe long hot summer just passed me by by Tom QSlip inside the eye of your mind by Tom QBut heaven ain't close in a place like this by Tom QSilhouette at Chateau de Monbazillac by DelosJ

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