Everyone is talking about it … the imminent death of Google Reader on July 1st … and a ton of you are still using it. It’s time you did something about it, or you’ll lose all the RSS feeds you’ve ever collected! Not a happy thought! Here’s what you can do to stay connected to Beyond Photo Tips.


Feedly, seems like a worthy successor, and it allow you to migrate your Google Reader feeds automatically. Flipboard is another favourite. Others need you to insert our RSS feed’s URL manually – So here it is. http://feeds.beyondphototips.com/photographytip – Copy this link and add it to whichever RSS reader you prefer.

Social Media

You can also keep track of the new content that we’re going to be putting out, starting July 2nd at our social media streams – Twitter, Google+, Facebook.


If you prefer, you can receive our latest posts by email. Just Subscribe Here and you’ll get all the new stuff automatically.

What Do You Use?

If you use and love any other RSS reader, do let us know in the comments. I’d love to try out something new.

About The Author

Susheel Chandradhas

Susheel Chandradhas is a Photographer and cinematographer. He has been taking photographs and studying photography since he was a kid. His classmates all believed that he would write a book on photography... Instead, he writes this blog. His passions include photography, parkour, wide-angle lenses, blue skies, fire extinguishers and fast computers.

2 Responses to The Death of Google Reader & How To Stay Subscribed to Beyond Photo Tips

  1. Martin says:

    I migrated all my feeds from Google Reader to Feedly, as it appears to be one of the most popular alternatives. While it is not quite as fully featured as Google Reader, I’ve been finding that it works well for me.

  2. Feedly has been working well for me too. Does anyone else have suggestions?

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